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Previously Enjoyed Games

These items are things such as games & books that some may consider 2nd hand...

but one man’s previously owed game may be another man’s treasure.

“Previously Enjoyed Games” (PEG’s is our preferred term), are games that have been played with and where people had their FUN but now wish to pass on those games for others to enjoy.

We are asked from time to time to sell items on behalf of 3rd parties via conventions, our website, auctions sites, Bring & Buy etc. This is done to help make space, raise money for charities and other good causes & to help promote our hobby.

We want to be able to facilitate and pass on the enjoyment of these PEGS to you...

If you have any queries please just contact us on PEG@mmmgames.co.uk

Bring & Buy

A service hosted by MMMGames, we have stalls at a variety of conventions in the UK

A booking form is available here.


  1. 15% will be deducted from the sale price and donated to the Convention nominated charity or charities.
  2. Non-collection of money will be taken to mean that the seller wants ALL the money to be donated to the convention's nominated charity or charities.
  3. Non-collection of items will cause items to become the property of the Bring & Buy and sold at a future Bring & Buy stall (funds raised from these sales will ALL be donated to charity).
  4. There are no refunds or returns on items as they are bought and sold as seen.
  5. All goods should be complete. In exceptional circumstances, incomplete goods will be accepted. In this case goods should be marked with what part(s) are missing.

We, the Bring & Buy organisers:

  • Will do our best for the security of items but hold no responsibility for those that are lost or stolen. All items are left at the owner's risk.
  • Will not pay out or allow goods to be collected unless the collector has retained their half of the raffle ticket, thus proving ownership.
  • Will refuse to accept items from people who have previously been seen selling items in the Bring & Buy queue.
  • Cannot give people advice on prices.
  • Have taken sellers at their word that items are complete (unless otherwise marked) and are not held responsible if they are not.
  • Will begin paying out at the time agreed and not before unless circumstances are exceptional
  • May refuse any Bring & Buy item(s) they deem unfit, or if they believe the item(s) is/are part of the 3rd parties
  • Will take 15% of all sales if no charity is nominated at the event, which will be donated to the MMMGames charity nomination for that year.

Optional at the Bring & Buy Stall: At the discretion of the Bring & Buy stall staff, and if the agreement box on the form is TICKED (✓) by the seller, we will "Haggle" on the seller's behalf.

The Sellers:

  • Must know what they wish to sell an item for (i.e. the price) and should not ask for advice from the organisers.
  • Must retain their half of the ticket(s) given to them to enable redemption of unsold items and monies for sold items.
  • Will collect their cash and/or unsold items at the times specified at each convention.
  • When collecting unsold items must not take them off the table without informing the organisers and having them checked off in the logbook.
  • Must accept that whilst all is done to prevent loss, the organisers are not responsible for any losses, thefts or damages. All items are left at the owner's risk.

Selling for Third Parties

Mirth, Myth & Magic Ltd offer a facility for selling your GAMING related items.

We do not purchase any items from you, but will take a commission on sales (normally 25%). Any costs incurred (eBay, PayPal etc.) will be deducted from any monies raised prior to payment to you.

When contacting MMMGames include a list of the items you would like us to sell on your behalf; we prefer lists in an electronic format i.e. Word or Excel (see preferred column format below) but will also take PDF images. Please note hand written lists may cause delays in processing unless they are clearly legible and written in block capitols.

We prefer to both examine and document the condition of items prior to placing them into our secure warehouse facilities.

We will not sell any item for you that we do not have in storage.

MMMGames will not give advice on item value (the marketplace varies so much it is difficult to gauge for any absolute or current valuation).

MMMGames will endeavour to get the best price for your item in the current market, however we suggest you make a column both your expected and minimum sale prices in your list and advise us of any flexibility you may have, i.e. will you allow MMMGames staff to haggle on your behalf.

Please Note: MMMGames do not share customer information with anyone.

MMMGames cannot be held responsible for your items either during transit or in storage.

Any item given to MMMGames to sell on your behalf remain YOUR property, until sold.

MMMGames have the right to refuse any items, and will if necessary forward all information we have to the appropriate authorities on any item or behaviour we deem to be either illegal or inappropriate.

Please ensure that you are certain that you wish to sell your item as MMMGames cannot return an item once it is sold.

Contact MMMGames to see if we can turn your unwanted items into cash for you, you never know you may have an extremely rare collectable or wanted & sought after products.

The Preferred List column layout:

[Product description] [Expected sale value] [Minimum sale value] [Condition] [Notes]

Mirth, Myth & Magic

MMMGames was a bubble of inspiration that began with some friends with the same passion... After first being involved with the gaming industry as players, DM's, Event helpers we then progressed to coordinating events. We worked within the RPGA as Area Coordinators then Regional Directors.

Now we have over sixty years of gaming experience ~ mmm scary. We both had so much fun along the way that we wanted to give something back to our hobby. Well in truth it also turned out that because of the fickle nature of the gaming gods; for whom want comes before need, we had lots of unused gaming items. So we sold some, that some turned into a few, the few turned into a stall at events and then eBay (other auction sites are of course available), and then some friends asked us to sell their ‘extra’ items... So we thought well why not upgrade to a shop. We really wanted a physical location but the costs involved are like buying another house. So we decided not to do that just yet, and opted for the next best thing, a virtual presence... Mmm we liked the sound of that. We obtained a lot of advice from the government, an accountant, the bank and of course the necessary legal jargon busters, we even found half a dozen suppliers willing to sell us stock and thus we set about becoming a business. BOOM! On the 9th of July 2004 Mirth, Myth & Magic Ltd (AKA MMMGames) was born. Then on the 10th of October our Website went live... So now when you think of games, think of MMMGames....

Mirth, Myth & Magic

Contacting Us

Our virtual presence is open 24/7 (subject to power at our service provider)

At Conventions we are subject to the opening times of the TRADE HALL ~ please either contact us or visit their website for details.

Company Number: 5174744

Frequently Asked Questions

The following sections should answer most questions you may have.

Please contact us first prior to any order, there are just so many "nice shiney items" out there so that sometimes we are out of stock...We will contact you to advise if there might be a delay on your order.

If you wish make an order, we accept payments online via PayPal. Our PayPal ID is infoebay@mmmgames.co.uk

We will coordinate an invoice to be sent out to you via PayPal as needed.

If you wish to make an order but not use PayPal, then simply e-mail your requirements to enquiries@mmmgames.co.uk so that we can e-mail you an invoice.

You can then either send payment to the address stated on the invoice or contact us to enable Credit/Debit Card or Cash payment at an event we are attending.

Please note: Goods ordered will be reserved for you when we receive your order. We will not take payment until the items are ready for dispatch or collection. We will not despatch until your payment has cleared our account or the reserved items have been taken to an event where they may be then collected.
Visits are by PRIOR ARRANGEMENT ONLY ~ Email for verification of your appointment (please do not be disappointed if refused). It is better to Visit us at an event we attend at our trade stall...

90 Pankhurst Crescent
United Kingdom
MMMGAMES has a service for pre-order/order we email you if we have it in stock, if not we ask our suppliers on the availability of an item you would like, if you want it we order it for you and once it arrives we let you know. It can then be either for collected at a convention or post out to you (postage is extra ~ see Postage and Packing).

Please ask if there is anything we can assist you with, there is no harm in asking and we will always endeavour to help as best as we can.
We guarantee all products to be of merchantable quality, and as advertised. If you feel otherwise, please contact us for an immediate refund. Your statutory rights are not affected.
Due to the ongoing nature of changing RRP prices and stock rotation, we do NOT list prices on this website. Please contact us and we can verify the prices of any items you may want.
For orders valued at under £20 and for delivery within the UK will be charged £4 carriage.

For orders valued at over £20 and/or for outside the UK, please ask us for details ~ every destination, weight and value is unique in pricing postage both inside & outside of the UK.

We try to keep our postage as low as possible, but it can add up when you buy several items, we try to ensure that we charge the actual fees on Postage and Packaging.

We utilise the Royal Mail and selected courier services.

Prices are subject to change due to weight, size, and destination, as well as any customer specifications.

Please contact us to verify prices. We always try to email a confirmation upon receipt of an order placed with us.

RESTRICTED & PROHIBITED ITEMS ~ apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but some items may not be sent via the postal services. For a full list, please follow the link below.

All orders received will be processed as quickly as possible.

Orders are despatched by Royal Mail or courier within 10 working days. If your order is going to be delayed, you will be notified and given the option of a refund should you wish.

If shipped to a UK address they should be with you within a few days, however please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

Outside the UK delivery varies, we will ask at the Post Office counter when posted on the expected delivery time, and then email you with an update.

Or if sent via courier, we will advise on the delivery times & supply tracking information when issued.

We retain the proof of postage and receipt.

If for some reason there will be a delay with your order or we can only fill part of it we will contact you by E-mail or phone.
MMMGames complies with the Distance Selling Regulations. A customer has the right to cancel their order, without giving reason. A customer may return any item within 7 working days of receipt of their order, for a full refund less shipping. Missing items, damaged goods or any other disputes should be reported either by email or in writing within 7 working days of receipt.

These may be returned for a full refund [including postage] or replacement. MMMGames will make every effort to replace damaged goods but if replacement is not possible, or if an order is cancelled for any other reason, the only obligation is to refund the full purchase price.

The customer is responsible for the costs incurred in returning the item, except in cases of faulty, damaged or wrongly supplied goods. A deduction will be made from the refund of any direct cost of collecting the goods.

The goods must be returned in the condition which they were first supplied. Please include a covering letter explaining the reason that the goods are being returned and your full name and address.

The customer will be refunded within 30 days of cancellation. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of MMMGames trading policy. Your statutory rights are not affected.


PLEASE NOTE: As specified above, MMMGames will not be responsible for costs incurred when returning correctly supplied and or undamaged goods.

We recommend that returned items are sent by Recorded Delivery. In the case of wrongly supplied or damaged goods we will refund your postage costs.
MMMGames is committed to protecting the privacy of users of this website, and do all that we can to protect user information.

MMMGames do not disclose buyers’ information to any third parties.

The correct email address is important for receipt purposes, order status, shipping notification, and it also helps validate your order. We do not send any other emails without consent, nor do we telephone you for Marketing Purposes.

Please contact enquiries@mmmgames.co.uk (close the gaps) if you have any issues concerning your privacy you want us to deal with.

Any information you provide will be held securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your personal details will not be disclosed to third parties.